Monday, October 29, 2012

New website!


As of October 30th 2012

My blog has now moved to my new website:

Please update your blogroll. 

All paintings, drawings, prices, etc will be there.

Sorry for any inconvenience. 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Updates and Event Listings

Hi everyone,

I have been crazy busy in and out of the studio the past couple months. I have been workingon some animal portraits, some commissioned and others for the up coming shows.

Here are some updates and a list of events I will be attending this Fall. I would love to see you at them all ;) but I know we are all pretty busy. If you can make it to one or two, come on by and say hello!

Event Schedule:

1.) RAW: natural born artists RADIATE Show, San Jose Thursday August 23 8pm-12am at Club Beso in downtown.

I will be showing women's figurative and Dias de los Muertos work. I will also show at least one new painting.

The event is 21+. It's for up and coming fashion designers, artists, singers, bands, etc to show their work for one night only. The site shows the other artists and participants.

If any of you are interested in going or if you are unable to make it but would like to show support, tickets can be bought from the website.

Be sure to buy under my studio name, SKOP. Paypal is NOT needed in order to purchase tickets.

Tickets are only $10.

RAW will let me showcase at another out of state event/location if I sell at least 20 16 tickets!  This is a great opportunity for me to get my work out there.

I greatly appreciate all your support.

2.) West End Event in Sand City on August Saturday 25 and Sunday 26th.

I will be there in my pop up with many other local artists to the Monterey Coast and will be showing new animal works** and some of my older Day of the Dead work as well.

3.) Salinas Valley Food and Wine Festival October  20th Saturday

Animals portraits** and Dias de los Muertos paintings will be shown.

4.) Calvary Cemetery Dias de los Muertos Event Saturday October 27 at 10 am to 3pm. Some of my older and most definetly, my newer Day of the Dead work will be showing at the event. Come by and enjoy the festivities of folkorico and Aztec dancing as well as story telling and sugar skull designs. There will be some other awesome artists and vendors there. 

**Please remember, any purchase of an animal portrait or a commission for a portrait made at one of the festivals, a % of the proceeds will go to a local animal shelter.

I hope to see you all at some of the events! Thank you again for all of your support.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Changes are a happening around here.

Been busy in the studio working on some portraits.

Will be writing a longer better post by the end of the week.

See you then <3

Friday, May 4, 2012

Silicon Valley Open Studios


This is what happens when the craziness that is my life takes over. Long story short: House hunting, found a house, played please take our money and accept the paperwork already with the lender for a while, got the house, contractor work, major sadness and heartbreaking loss in the family that felt like a suckerpunch to the gut (still tearing up here), and finally move in.

The only painting I have done in the past 2 months has been on my house. Not on canvas :( Which hits a HUGE sour note. I have been itching to get back to painting but by the time the work day is done, I am back at home working well into the night on house stuff, the last thing I want to do is fight traffic back to my studio.

Not complaining about buying a home. ;) It's just time consuming. Haha.

Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I am here.

And, if you are still here (THANK YOU!!!), here is some news:

Please view PDF here.

I am participating in the Silicon Valley Open Studios!!! I mentioned in my last and only post of this year so far, but basically, for the entire month of May (weekends only) artists are opening up their studios to the public. The first weekend May 5th and 6th is MY weekend for opening.

My studio will be open from 11am to 5pm Saturday (May 5th) and Sunday (May 6th).

I deeply apologize for my lack of posting on this blog and springing this up on you. But, if you are able to attend, please do and please check out for even more artists showing this weekend!

I know there is a studio at Mission College (near me) and several near downtown Santa Clara. For other artists and cities showing this weekend (remember, the weekends in May) please visit

I will be showing ALL of my past work which includes all art shown here on the blog, that hasn't been sold already. And I will be showing NEW work and works in progress.

You can come on by, see how I amazingly get covered in paint from head to toe, and what works are in the chute right now.

The address to my studio is 401 Nelo Street Santa Clara, CA 95054.

Closest cross streets are 101 Freeway, De La Cruz Blvd, Trimble, Aldo, Lafayette, Montague Expwy and First Street.

I am located just north the San Jose Airport, East of 101 Freeway, west if First Street and the Guadakup River (actually right next to it).  

Look for the SVOS YELLOW signs when you come near. Black and yellow balloons will be posted when you are getting closer to the studio, and I will have balloons marking the studio space.

It is in an industrial area. My studio is based out of an old tiny office in my father's machine shop. (Thanks Papa! [yes, I call him Papa. <3])

*********Also, 10% of all sales or commissions for animal portraits made this weekend will be going to the local Humane Society. *********

Food (snacks) and drinks (even some 21+) will be provided.

Please please please spread the word about SVOS. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, people you see on the street. Anyone who likes art.

All are welcome.

Come out enjoy Silicon Valley artists and support the community. Thank you so much!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Goals for the New Year

. .
. . . . it's about time I post this.

I have a feeling this is going to be a good year. 2012 is the year of change, and thinking positivly, it's going to be good change. If I think about the possible negatives, I would just want to curl up in a ball and cry.

So this it going to be a fabulous year!

I feel very motivated in a lot of places in my life. In my creative zone especially. I have my lists going for paintings, I have my outline built up for my next two books and I am currently editing (again) my novel. I am sending it out to agents by the end of February.

I love the idea of having a deadline. It gives me time to think and work towards and finish. I realized, that if I don't have a deadline, nothing gets done. I won't stress if I get a little behind, but as long as it gets DONE then I will feel successful.

Part of the reason for this realization is because I made myself a little inspiration board.

The inspiration board, or vision board as others call it, also includes my health/fitness goals for the new year as well as home goals.

All things on the board are important in my life so it was only natural that half of the board was taken up by my creative/professional aspirations. They blend nicely.

Let's start with the art section.

My goals for my art within the year 2012:

1.)  Show in more festivals and participate in an open studios tour.

I know of two festivals that I will be a part of. West End in Sand City and Dias de los Muertos in San Jose. I want to participate in at least two more. Perhaps Salinas Food and Wine again and maybe another DOD festival (perhaps  Oakland?)

I actually just signed up for the Silicon Valley Open Studios Tour. Just in the nick of time too. I am very much excited about this. I get to show locally from my studio for an entire weekend.

It costs me a pretty penny to paticpate in these shows, and sometimes I don't break even, but in hindsight, that's okay. All I want is to expose my work to more possible future clientle.

Which leads to. . .

2.) Have more commissions! I have had two commissions in the past year and I would like to at least double that this year. So the goal is to have AT LEAST four commissions for 2012. If I get any more, I will be extremely happy.

I also love working on commissions. It's a challenge that I am all too ready to tackle. Each one different from the one before.  It also keeps me motivated in my work. As inm 'hey! someone actually likes my work and wants their own! woot woot!'

I do the woot woot in my head of course.

3.) Show in at least ONE gallery. Last year I did not show in a single actual art gallery. My dream right now is to be able to show in MACLA (Movmiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana) in down town San Jose. I just got to fill out the submission guidline and hope they can show my work.

4.) Expand myself as an artist.

This one is a little tricky and explainable at the same time. I LOVE exploring differnet styles of painting and different mediums. What I want to do, generally depends on my mood and how I envision the piece of art. I want to keep expanding my work and not limit myself just to paint and canvas. But it does lead to hesitation because sometimes I can't decide whether to do a piece of work in acrylic or pastel and worry about how it feels and looks as I go through it, wondering if I made the right choice.

I really should stop stressing myself out by second guessing my first initial feeling.

Stevie Nicks you got that right. . .

Love Practical Magic BTW. :)  I actually listen to the soundtrack wuite a bit when I paint. John Denver has been on my que as well.

5.) Go to more galleries and museums.

Inspiration abounds.

Onwards to the writing portions of my inspiration board!

Writing Goals for 2012

1.) Publish book.

I know I said it last year. . . . but THIS is the year. I feel it in my bones. Have you ever felt so strongly about something happening that it actually did? Well, I am feeling so strongly about this, that there is NO DOUBT in my mind the univerese will see my book published to great reviews.

1. b) find and agent or publisher. Currently looking into agents. I have gone through some of the books that I love to read myself, and looked into the author's agents. That's the best way I know how.

2.) Write more. blog more.

Yeah, I truly need to blog more entries. I hear the more frequent I blog the more traffic I may get. On both my sites.

This is my second, well, first real blog entry of the new year. I am a little behind schedule on this. Whoops.

3.) Write the two more books in the series on my story/novel. I have loads of stories lined up afterthe first book. It's smart to keep writing as you shop your book around. Better to have more than enough stories ready to hand over to the agent, than none at all.

4.) Go to a writing blogging convention. I have to look into this more. I know of the Willamette Valley Writers Con in August and I know of BlogHer 2012 in NY this year. 

You know, just to get inspired ;)

I am also going to be building a professional website this year. I have been told by many people I need a website in league with my blog.  Hence, market myself.

Another goal is "do not fear rejection". This above all, is a bigthing with me. I fear many things and rejection is pretty much second or third on the list.

Rejection not just from an agent or publisher or gallery house, but rejection in my life in general. Sure, rejection happens. I have been rejected by agents before. I cried. And I let it get me down. I let my self doubt rule.

Not this time.

Not any more.

Rejection can say hello, but I will kick it's but to the curb and fight on.

Do you have any goals for the New Year? What are some of those goals? How strongly do you feel about them?

Have you ever made an inspiration board?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

still here

hey, just wanted to let everyone who may read this that I made it through 2011! I will be posting soon about my goals for 2012 and updates on my art and writing progress.

one of the goals: post more often!

check back friday for details :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Dias de los Muertos Calvary Cemetery Day

 Saturday was an eventful day! It started off wonderfully with an early morning rise, double checking the list and heading out the door for last minute errands.

There probably will never be a day when I don't have to do something important for an art event last minute. :\ I work great under pressure though.

Errands included trip to  the local Lowe's and then a stop over at Chavez Market. I picked up some pan de muerto for my altar and some other breads for the familia who came up to check out the event. I was going to grab an horchata for myself but fresh made carrot juice just called my name.

Little did I know I would have carrot stained mouth for most of the morning. Thanks to Hubby and his eagle eyes I managed to wipe it off before the main event started. 

We got to Calvary Cemetery about 9ish or so and got to our site, unloaded the van, and after a minor glitch and head scratching setting up the grid walls, we managed setting up my booth.

 The booth:

Older works on the outside wall:

I had some new small sugar skull portraits on the front end of the table. 

 At the inner edge of the table, I set up a small altar for my departed familia. Wela Chiquita (abuelita), Welo (abuelo), and mi tia Carlotta (Aunt Charlie).

There were other amazing vendors there as well, some artists, some clothes, jewelry and some amazing ceramic art direct from Mexico. 


I absolutely fell in LOVE with these skulls. 


I managed to get my paws on one of the above skulls. Can you guess which one? I wanted to buy another smaller one as well, but  must save some money for next time. Once I find the card I grabbed, I will post their information because I know some of you may want some of the goods as well.

There was also some amazing dancing going on down the ways from my booth. There were some Aztec Dancers in some amazing gear.

And Folkorico Dancers from a local High School Lincoln, and I managed to take a break from the booth thanks to my mom so I could watch bits and pieces of both dance groups.

I want their skirts. :D

Further in the cemetery there were large altars on display and one of them was from my old alma mater Notre Dame San Jose. GoGremlins!! (you will always be a Gremlin to me).

The arts department got really creative this year and made an amazing altar.

 All the skulls were done my the lower clanswomen and the higher clanswomen in the arts painted the Guadalupe.

Amazing feat. Wish we made the skulls back in my day in high school ;) but I did make a skeleton in ceramics class once. With wings. I have it somewhere at my parents house.

It was a beautiful day for the event. Last year it was windy, cloudy, and in the very last minutes it rained. And I tore a painting.

I noticed a small tear in one of my paintings this year after I put it up. Cset la vie.

I want to thank all of you who came out and enjoyed the festivities at the cemetery and those who support local artists and businesses. We can't do it without you. :)

I will be posting images of the work from the festival this week.

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween, Merry Samhain or however you celebrate and call it :D

I'm going to enjoy the evening with some pumpkin bread and beer. Then it's back to painting tomorrow!