Thursday, March 31, 2011

Triumphant Return

okay maybe not so triumphant.

Still recovering from being sick. Coughing like a mad woman but even that is decreasing. I haven't touched a paintbrush in over a month and I haven't written anything pertaining to my novel in about the same time.

Creativity went to hibernation mode I guess.

But I am back. I am now more focused and determined than ever to get my goals done.

Last night at dinner, my girlfriend Aisling challenged me to finish my novel by June 1 or I have to buy her a bottle of Domn Perignon (sp?). I accepted her challenge and starting tomorrow, April 1st, I will be writing again.

Be prepared to hear more from me on the blog world. :-D Bwa ha ha ha ha.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Sorry for my total lack of posts recently. Work has kept me pretty busy from writing  and such. I've also have been really sick the past few days.

Fever, chills, chest congestion, sore throat, aches etc. . .

There are several art things in the works right now. I haven't painted recently but some of my older work is going up in a show next week at the San Jose Rep.

I will post with more info since the keyboard is getting a wee biut dizzy.