Pet Portrait Commissions

Each are custom hand painted acrylic on canvas.

When painting a portrait, I hope to capture the expressions and character we all know and love about our furry companions.

1. Choose canvas size by price

8" x 10" =$80

10" x 12" = $110

16 x 20" = $150

20" x 24" = $190
24" x 30" = $230
Please contact me for other sizes and prices options.

Prices are for singles only. Multiple figures in a painting is extra.

If  you would like backgrounds in your paintings, just let me know what your vision is and I will do my best to have your pet beach side or in a grassy field or even on his or her favorite chair. If no background is wanted, it will be a color filled scene to showcase your pet.

All paintings will be on high quality acid free stretched canvas, wrapped painted and wired.

Pet Drawings

I also work in pencil and charcoal. Prices may be lower or higher depending on paper size and medium.

All drawings will be done on acid free paper and sealed with a varnish to help protect your drawing from smudging.

Multiple figures in drawing is extra.

Framing is optional and extra.

2. Send me your furry critter photos along with some background on your pet

Send your photos to Go ahead and send as many as you like just let me know what your looking for or if there is a specific photo you would like to use as the portrait itself. All others will be used as my reference to better paint your pet.

Tell me about your pet! Let me know about their quirks, their personalities, their favorite toys or clownish behavior. I want to be able to paint your pet to the best of my abilities and have your pet shine through.

Photos should be in focus, clear, and well lit in high resolution. Outdoor lighting works best.

Thank you for your consideration in a custom hand worked portrait of your pet!

Dias de los Muertos

A few people have asked me if I do custom made Day of the Dead Paintings.  Portraits of you in sugar skull make up.

Since I spoke to several people at the West End Event and offered the same price as my pet portraits I will honor those prices until September 20th 2011.

Starting September 21 2011, prices will be as follows:

8" x 10" = $110

10" x 12" = $130
16" x 20" =$180

20" x 24"= $250

24 x 30" = $350

For other sizes and prices please email me.

In email we can also discuss photos and details of what you may want to see in the painting.