Sunday, August 28, 2011

West End!

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all having a fun weekend! I am having a great time down here in Monterey County. I am here at the West End event in Sand City.

Yesterday was fun getting everything set up in the morning. I don't have a professional wire stand like many other of the vendors do, but I have some awesome helpers to figure out how to set up the wire grid I got at Orchard Supply Hardware.

Love OSH.

Hubby loves the zip ties. They come in handy.

I have some great family here helping well, setting up the entire thing while I stress with time and worry if its going to work.

And low and behold.

It did!

This was so much better than last years set up where it was bulky, enclosed and just plain uninviting. Here people are able to come inside, view the paintings and I get to comfortably talk with them! Love it! I also get to see outside where my family was sitting and talk to them through the grid and hung paintings.

Guess who sold towards the end of the day?


I LOVE this painting. I love painting Addie. If you would like to see her she will be out there today, modeling a posing as she usually does.

This one also got quite a bit of attention . . . . 

....enough that I am planning on doing a small series of these two critters. Isis and Target. Family cats :)

 Speaking of felines, check this one out.

Inspired by Chat Noir. Love this piece. It will be sad to part with it, but it is available for sale as all my works are.

I will be posting all new paintings and more photos this week. Also, I will be posting them to Fine Art America where you will be able to buy prints and canvas copies of these paintings for a fraction of the price.

Updates Today:  Commissions page is updated as well as a posting for Dias de los Muertos custom portraits. 

If you are interested in having a portrait of yourself painted with sugar skull motif, check out the commissions page for more info.

Prices are currently same as pet portraits, but will go up on September 21st 2011.

Come check out the booth at West End Today!!