Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Updates and Event Listings

Hi everyone,

I have been crazy busy in and out of the studio the past couple months. I have been workingon some animal portraits, some commissioned and others for the up coming shows.

Here are some updates and a list of events I will be attending this Fall. I would love to see you at them all ;) but I know we are all pretty busy. If you can make it to one or two, come on by and say hello!

Event Schedule:

1.) RAW: natural born artists RADIATE Show, San Jose Thursday August 23 8pm-12am at Club Beso in downtown.

I will be showing women's figurative and Dias de los Muertos work. I will also show at least one new painting.

The event is 21+. It's for up and coming fashion designers, artists, singers, bands, etc to show their work for one night only. The site shows the other artists and participants.

If any of you are interested in going or if you are unable to make it but would like to show support, tickets can be bought from the website.

Be sure to buy under my studio name, SKOP. Paypal is NOT needed in order to purchase tickets.

Tickets are only $10.

RAW will let me showcase at another out of state event/location if I sell at least 20 16 tickets!  This is a great opportunity for me to get my work out there.

I greatly appreciate all your support.

2.) West End Event in Sand City on August Saturday 25 and Sunday 26th.

I will be there in my pop up with many other local artists to the Monterey Coast and will be showing new animal works** and some of my older Day of the Dead work as well.

3.) Salinas Valley Food and Wine Festival October  20th Saturday

Animals portraits** and Dias de los Muertos paintings will be shown.

4.) Calvary Cemetery Dias de los Muertos Event Saturday October 27 at 10 am to 3pm. Some of my older and most definetly, my newer Day of the Dead work will be showing at the event. Come by and enjoy the festivities of folkorico and Aztec dancing as well as story telling and sugar skull designs. There will be some other awesome artists and vendors there. 

**Please remember, any purchase of an animal portrait or a commission for a portrait made at one of the festivals, a % of the proceeds will go to a local animal shelter.

I hope to see you all at some of the events! Thank you again for all of your support.

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  1. I pondered to myself recently what were the most important things in my life. The answer seems to be clear that art was up there in importance. Why? Frankly, I don't really know. May be someone here can enlighten me?
    As was my wont w
    hen I have some free time, I browsed the marvelous site, wahooart.com, where they keep thousands of digital images for customers to select to have printed into handsome canvas prints for their homes.
    This image jumped out to jolt my reveries: Still life with bread, by the Cubist Georges Braque. Is art like this picture, as essential as bread and water, or should I say bread and wine?