Friday, January 14, 2011

Empty Really


I promised to list my new year's goals this week.

It has yet to happen. Disappointing, I know. I apologize. Thus far I am barely squeaking by with one of the goals, well, maybe two. We'll see how it goes into the weekend.

Anyways, I do promise you, dear readers, if I do have any, that there will be a post on Monday about the new year's goals. Starting the third week. Insane, isn't it? Almost 3 weeks into 2011. Time sure flies when you need it to slow down and drags on beyond belief when you want it to speed up.

I swear the clock was ticking backwards the other day, but that just have been due to the giant icky spider that I found in it.

But the good news for the lack goal posting is because I've been busy at work and I've also been busy writing. Granted it's only two new pages, but the creative juices are stirring not only for writing and art but for some other possible projects as well and it's been fun trying to get them all onto paper and computer. Frustrating at times, but fun.

I will get into those the next post.

Let's just say, I believe this year will be a big year for me.

A girl can dream.

Until Monday peeps!

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