Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's a basset's world.

Sooooo . . . no post on Friday eh? My bad. Work and then mad dash south for a birthday surprise for my dear mother in law.

Would a picture of a basset hound in a party hat make up for it?

 Do you recognize her? She's a frequent model in my work. . .

Part of the surprise :) Addie is my MIL's hound. Hubby, his brother, Addie and I surprised his mom at work with flowers, a balloon and all of us in hats including the shortround above. She managed to wear that hat for a good 15 minutes before she managed to snap it off with her back paw.

Here's another round of basset pictures. The painting below was done back in August. I wasn't too happy showing it at the Sand City street fair but I needed something to show my animal portrait work

 In December, I wanted to fix it up before having it possibly show at the Axis Gallery.  Here is the new and FINISHED version below.

It wasn't picked to be in the show, but I was overall thrilled with the outcome of the painting. Looks so much better to me and more in the direction I want to go with my animal portraits I think. Far more detail, texture and depth. Not as flat.

Her eyes pop a little more in the first version than in the second, but there seems to be more life to her in the second.


What do you think of the changes? 

Hubby's mom now has this hanging in her house among her other basset artwork collection. She has four dog drawings from me on her wall, three of which are of Addie.

I really got to start on some more animal portraits to build up my collection to show perspective clients. Can't just all be basset hounds.


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