Thursday, February 17, 2011

Off to swim in inspiration . . .

. . . . or drown in the weather.

The Hubby and I are heading up to wine country this weekend. It had been planned for a while,as we soaked up the unusually warm winter weather, envisioning hiking in the sunshine and green hills and tasting wine out on the patios and verandas of our favorite wineries. Hello Ledson.

Fat chance of that.

It's dark, gloomy, and cold. All around perfect winter weather. At least the people heading to Tahoe mountains this weekend will be having a jolly good time on the fresh snow.

Did I mention it was freezing here in the Bay Area??We actually had snow. In Los Gatos. And not in the mountain part of the town. Yeesh.

Hopefully, luck and sun will shine upon us and give us a reprieve day so we can enjoy the sites.

I'm taking my camera with me and you can bet your behind that I'll be taking loads of pictures. An inquiry about a possible commission for landscape art has peaked my interest, and what better place to get some inspiration that the beauty that is wine country?

Perhaps potential buyers would like the gloom and drab of rain over a vineyard.


I'll be taking two books to read. One to finish and one I have been meaning to start since last April. Hahaha. I will also take my novel to write on if I find myself in my hotel room with nothing to do. . . 

At least a glass of wine will help. Or two. :)

Stay warm and dry out there folks. And be careful on the roads.

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