Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Writer's Salon

I'm excited folks.

Very excited.

I haven't mentioned it before but I am going to a workshop tomorrow night. And not just any workshop but a writer's workshop.

Happy dance!

Furthermore, it's just not any old 3 hour workshop, but one about publishing your book! Actually, it's more of a Q & A Roundtable where we ask this guy the secret handshake to get published but I'll take what I can freaking get! 

According to the website, the Writing Salon : "Bring plenty of questions about agents, editors, submissions (or self-publishing), and commercial-versus-literary fiction to this free-form, wine & cheese get-together — and get answers from a working pro."


Okay Sonia, calm down, it's just a Q&A. A round table that could very much give me some fantastic insight on getting my book out there. I also don't want to get overly excited because I also don't want to be disappointed.

Granted this is different than going to Willamette's Writer's Convention in Oregon, meeting with several agents, getting only one rejection letter and nothing else from any of the others.

Stake through heart.

I need to go into this being prepared.

What kind of questions should I ask? Should I bring a sample of my work with me? Obviously, I need to bring a notebook (I am not on the iPAD, laptop bandwagon yet, though I truly do lust after one) but I need to be prepared as to what I need to know.

I could wait to see what others ask and a question of my own my arise from there's but I don't want to be lazy about this. Perhaps I should retrace my steps with the literary agents from WWC and see where I went wrong but other than that, I don't know what to ask.

Any suggestions? If there is any one out there, I would truly love to here from you now.

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